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Falling Down - 40 Below Summer

Falling Down

Invitation to the Dance
metal hard rock Nu Metal alternative metal crossover

40 Below Summer is a five-piece nu metal music group from New Jersey, USA. Formed in 1998, 40 Below Summer came together after drummer and Peruvian native Carlos Aguilar met with singer Max Illidge. Joey D'Amico later joined the duo, followed by Jordan Plingos and Puerto Rican-born Hector Graziani. Their first album Side Show Freaks (1999) and EP Rain (2000) were self released. Invitation to the Dance (2001-2002) Eventually, a deal was signed with London-Sire Records. Show more ...

Falling Down - 40 Below Summer

It s gonna bite today (right) to open a can of pain (wrong)
Sun scorched and blistering (run) - do you know that it s all (gone)

Kiss my eyes shut to bash it in - it s just another payment
To how we live, how we dream, how we breed - low rent up in the basement
the sky conforms to the surface, what s the purpose, everything is worthless
I feel a crack in the structure - it s time bleed through suffer

And I fall into myself - I fall - I m falling down

Life keeps on pushing me under (I am) ripping my whole world asunder (I can)
Death is what keeps me in motion (will I)
drown in this pain like an ocean

I m falling down again (now) Into the ground again (low)

Don t tell me what to do when I take you - and I m gonna make you
You had in a moment what the rest of us need to believe isn t hopeless
Take a look at the scoreboard - it s 1 nothing them - so I guess you need move more
We ll make a crack in the sun, if it feeds you the answer

And I fall into myself - I fall - I m falling down

All in my head but the waiting is over
Your thoughts can t tread into my disclosure
I m just a face - nameless and silent
I m such a waste - that s why I...
And I can t erase - I m feeling all this
I cannot frame and hide behind this (pain)
I did it one more time for you - and now I m
Falling down again