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They Can't Take That Away from Me

Frank Sinatra

To the Core

Rise Against

Where Did the Party Go

Fall Out Boy

Can't Stop Loving You

Phil Collins

The Spiderbite Song

The Flaming Lips

La La La Boom


Someone to save you


Bad At Love


All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Sufjan Stevens

Working Man

Imagine Dragons

Time: The Donut of the Heart

J Dilla

We Found Each Other in the Dark

City and Colour

Just a Feeling

Maroon 5

Moon River

Frank Sinatra

Never Seen Such Good Things

Devendra Banhart

Monday Morning

Death Cab for Cutie

The Song Is Over

The Who

Underneath the Sycamore

Death Cab for Cutie

Appels + Oranjes

The Smashing Pumpkins

Let the Sun Shine


Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Frankie Valli

Goin' Home

Dan Auerbach



I Can't Lie

Maroon 5

People Ain't No Good

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Man Who Never Lied

Maroon 5

Vito's Ordination Song

Sufjan Stevens

I Need Fun In My Life

The Drums

Every Breath You Take



Maroon 5

Für Hildegard Von Bingen

Devendra Banhart

Turn Away


Shore Leave

Tom Waits

Bad Communication

Sufjan Stevens

Drunk In The Club

Bei Maejor

Wrong Side of Heaven

Five Finger Death Punch

Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Chris Brown

Stork & Owl

TV on the Radio

Strangers Like Me

Phil Collins

Someone Something


I'm Always In Love


No Clothes On

Trey Songz

Party Poison

My Chemical Romance

Ridin' in My Car

She & Him

Writing's on the Wall

Sam Smith

Down Ft. Lil Wayne

Jay Sean