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The Human Abstract

metalcore Progressive metal Progressive Metalcore mathcore metal

The Human Abstract is a progressive metal band known for their unique, classically-influenced style. They were critically acclaimed for their technical proficiency and impressive stage presence.

By 2011, the band had come full circle since its inception back in 2004 in Los Angeles, CA With the return of founding guitarist / songwriter A.J Minette, the band returned to a sound reminiscent of the critically acclaimed “Nocturne” album, while introducing classical technical rhythms their complex sound. Former From First To Last/The Color of Violence member Travis Richter also joined the ranks as vocalist just long enough to record "Digital Veil," the bands third LP. After only a few months of touring Richter quit the band in August, 2011. He brought to the table a worthy balance of guttural screams combined with ethereal harmonies and all of the vocal range fans would expect from THA. With syncopated harmonies meeting complex time signatures, precise yet pounding bass riffs and heavy bellows filling the album from beginning to end a new, albeit short lived, era for The Human Abstract had been firmly established.

Guitarist Dean Herrera and guitarist/keyboardist A.J. Minette formed The Human Abstract in 2004, adding drummer Brett Powell, bassist Kenny Arehart, and singer Nick Olaerts. The band recorded a couple of demos and played a number of regional gigs before signing with Hopeless Records in 2005. Soon after signing to Hopeless Records, THA replaced singer Nick Olaerts with Nathan Ells.

Nathan Ells joined the band only 1 month before heading into the studio (Jamie King - the basement recordings in North Carolina) to record the band's debut full length release "Nocturne”, which was published by Hopeless Records August 22, 2006. Their album Midheaven was released on August 19, 2008 and featured a new guitarist in Andrew Tapley, who had replaced A.J. Minette previous to the recording of Midheaven.

Nathan Ells was fired from THA in late 2009. Vocalist Travis Richter (x-from first to last, the color of violence) joined The Human Abstract in early 2010 along with original guitarist songwriter A.J. Minette.

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