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There are at least three artists sharing the name:

1. Grav is a black metal duo of Swartadauthuz and Sir.N. hailing from Norrland in Sweden. Grav is anti-life, anti-bands, anti-live and anti-playing.

So far they have released three demos and Dit Inget Ljus Kan Nå EP on Ancient Records.

2. Grav is an underground hip-hop artist from Chicago.

His first album, Down to Earth, was released in 1995. It featured production from a young Kanye West and is the first known production that the now-famous West has created.

3. Grav is a psychedelic/blues rock jam band from Cleveland, Ohio.

A staple of the local jam scene, their self-titled first album is set to be released February 15th

Grav has published photos.