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seen live noise rock indie finnish post-punk

There are multiple artists with this name:
1. A noise rock band from the United States
2. A noise rock band from Finland
3. A noise duo from Israel
4. An Oi punk band from Italy
5. An incorrect tag for the American indie band fun.

FUN is a Philadelphia based noise band.

Fun is a noise rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Their influences range from bands like The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth and Dead Kennedys to Butthole Surfers and the words of writer Charles Bukowski. So far they have released three albums titled "Fun EP" (2002), "Szklarska Poreba" (2004) and "Zu-pa!" (2007). A new album will be recorded in 2009.

FuN is Jerusalem based noise duo formed in 2002 by Shy Yehezkelly and Hovav Oppenheim.

For the US indie pop band, see fun..

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