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Zero 7

chillout electronic downtempo trip-hop electronica

      Zero 7 is a London, UK duo, founded in 1999, by Henry Binns & Sam Hardaker. Their songs feature vocalists: Mozez, Sia, Tina Dico, Sophie Barker, José González, Eska Mtungwazi (aka Eska), Jackie Daniels, Martha Tilston & Rowdy Superstar.

      Albums: Début Simple Things (23 Apr 2001, feat' vocalists: Mozez, Sia Furler & Sophie Barker), When It Falls (1 Mar 2004, feat' all "Simple Things" vocalists, plus Tina Dico), The Garden (22 May 2006, feat' José González & Sia Furler - A departure from the of their first two albums, with shift from electronic to acoustic. Binns makes a vocal début, on this album, solo on Your Place, duetting: Throw It All Away, This Fine Social Scene & Waiting To Die.) & Yeah Ghost (Sept 2009, feat' vocalists: Eska Mtungwazi, Jackie Daniels, Martha Tilston & Rowdy Superstar - Eska & Rowdy also arrange).

      In the 2004, Binns also co-wrote the Emma Bunton track Breathing, from her 2nd solo album, Zero 7's songs have featured in TV shows & films, e.g. "In The Waiting Line" appeared in episodes of 'House' & 'Sex and the City' - as well as, Zach Braff's directorial début, "Garden State".

      Zero 7's live performances have the air of a group sharing some music they like with a bunch of friends, whilst still being musically excellent - the sort of gigs that enhance listening to their albums forever afterwards.

      Note on "The Garden"s interpretation: Henry & Sam don't want the album's title to be confused. Taken from the album artwork - a series of collages designed by a friend - also entitled "The Garden", the duo are keen that the album's meaning is not lost in translation.

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