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Zoé is a Mexican rock band, that's not afraid of experimenting, with a modern sound, an eclectic style, some British influences & overall, their music's sophisticated without loss of rock energy. Their lyrics cover many subjects / feelings, with the same level of sophistication that their music shows, plus honesty. They usually write songs in Spanish, sometimes in English or a combination of both languages.

They began as a band in 1994; as time went by, the band changed members several times until the definite line-up stuck in 1997 with León Larregui (vocals and guitar), Sergio Acosta (guitar), Beto Cabrera (drums), Ángel Mosqueda (bass) and Chucho Báez (keyboards). Then the band made a demo and many gigs on their own with the little resources that they had; with all that, Zoé began to call the attention of the Hispanic radio stations in the U.S. Later in 1998, Zoé signed a record deal with Sony Music Mexico and began making their first record in 2000; this album, self titled, came out and quickly became a favourite of the audience in Mexico; after that, the band performed songs in soundracks of movies such as 'Amar Te Duele', 'Ladies Night' and 'The Dreamer'.

Fast forward to 2003. Zoé, along with producer Phil Vinall (Placebo, Elastica, Pulp), recorded their second album called 'Rocanlover', which became more successful than the first one thanks to hit songs like 'Peace & Love' and 'Veneno', which aired in several TV countdowns.

In 2005, after three years of working together, Zoé left Sony Music because of the lack of real interest that this record label had in them and signed a new deal with Noiselab; with a newfound belief in record labels, Zoé made an EP called 'The Room', which debuted at the top of the rankings in Mexico. This EP includes, among others, the song 'Dead' (first single); also,are including "She Comes" and "Morning Watts" as new songs and also some remixes of "Dead" by great electronic artists from Mexico such as Sonido Lasser Drakkar or Los Dynamite, plus a couple of videos.

On July 12th, 2006; Zoé (now wih Rodrigo Guardiola in the drums) presented their more recent production, "Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón atómico de la Vía Láctea", a sophisticate, layered production, which tops several magazines' rankings. Both Zoé and producer Phil Vinall worked very hard in Tornillo, Texas, a remote town in the desert, to get "Memo Rex" finished.

In fall 2006, Zoé headlined the Rockampeonato Tour, along with other Noiselab signees like Los Dynamite and Los Odio!, which held shows at cities like Mérida, Guadalajara and many others. This is the biggest tour Zoé has been a part of since they were formed.

In 2007 Zoé recorded "281107", a live album that celebrates their first 10 years as a band, it was recorded on the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, this recording went platinum pretty quickly which is something unusual for live recordings in Mexico. On November 11th 2008 "Repileptric" Zoé's seventh studio album was released.

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