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Yung L.A.

Hip-Hop rap futuristic hip-hop atlanta Rap US

Leland Austin, also known by his stage name Yung L.A., is an American rapper. He was born, raised and is from Atlanta, Georgia.

Yung L.A. is currently signed to Grand Hustle Records/Interscope Records. His debut single, “Ain’t I,” featuring rappers T.I. and Young Dro, peaked at #47 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. His debut album, Futuristic Leland, will be released in Summer 2009. Austin was discovered in his Thomasville neighborhood by Young Dro during the summer of 2007. His activities can also be found on many mixtapes, such as DJ Infamous’ Black Boy White Boy (2009). bullsh*t

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