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Yung Joc

rap Hip-Hop Dirty South hip hop Crunk

Jasiel William Robinson (born April 2, 1983 in College Park, Georgia), better known by his stage name Yung Joc, is a Grammy award nominated American rapper signed to Bad Boy South and Atlantic Records. Despite the rumors, he is not related to rapper Young Jeezy. He released his debut album, New Joc City, in 2006 and his second album, Hustlenomics, was released in 2007. He released his third studio album, Grind Flu, online for free in August 2009.

He owns two automobile-related companies, as well as a sunglasses line which will be debuting soon called Claudio St. James. Joc has also been said to have a new record label through Jive Records, called Swagg Team Entertainment. This label will see the debut from Chicago group Hotstylz, their first single will be "Lookin Boy"

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