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    Yodelice (real name Maxim Nucci) was born on February 23, 1979 in Créteil, France. At 6, he joined the Conservatoire & learnt guitar. At 15, he joined London's Musician Institute, where he became the youngest guitar teacher. Playing bass, guitar & keyboards, Maxim has been noticed by Santi in 2001 & signed to Mercury. Collaborations followed…
    After his first album Maxim Nucci in 2006, Maxim went on tour. He has been Vanessa Paradis' supporting act in Brussels & at Paris' Européen and Ilene Barnes' supporting act at Paris' Elysée-Montmartre.

    In 2008, it was the redemption, the turning or the revolution. Yodelice came in, a new artist. With his hat, he looks like characters that inspired Tom Waits & Bob Dylan. With his voice, we think about magnificent artists like Cat Stevens or Ray LaMontagne. Maxim went to a house in Spain to write songs. Ethnic/folk songs came to him, between JJ Cale & America. "Sincerity goes through words & English-speaking themes. There's a more natural side in English, that's not my native language. But it's really my culture, Anglo-Saxon. I just wanted to record an album & be proud of it, to play it on stage." The house was named La Casa Yodelice, he borrowed this name. This English-speaking singer, unknown by Maxim Nucci's fans, became Yodelice. Maxim & Sébastien Grandgambe performed the songs in a guitar/cello version. To find the right words, Maxim worked with a Canadian actress, Marianne Groves. She understood stories in his melodies… Maxim called director Bastien Duval to build Yodelice's universe. Bastien drew Maxim's guitar with a skull. For his album Tree Of Life, Maxim recorded the rhythm section in Los Angeles, took the bass & hired drummer Abraham Laboriel Jr. Other musicians came to play brass & Sébastien Grandgambe came with his cello. Back in France, he played electric guitar & also used his skull guitar. He didn't want to leave the stage, he loved it. Like a new birth, Yodelice was born.

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