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Whiskeytown was an band from Raleigh, North Carolina founded in 1994 and fronted by Ryan Adams along with violinist Caitlin Cary. The band produced a number of albums before ultimately parting ways in 2000.

Other members of the group included guitarists Mike Daly and Phil Wandscher, bassist Steve Grothmann and drummer Skillet Gilmore.

Adams and Cary have publicly talked of reuniting Whiskeytown on multiple occasions, as recently as 2005, but as of yet, nothing new has materialized. The two did perform together briefly, along with Skillet Gilmore, on June 8, 2005, in Raleigh.

Major recordings include:

Faithless Street (Mood Food, 1995) which was later reissued with additional tracks and a new mix.

Strangers Almanac (Outpost, 1997).

Pneumonia (Lost Highway, 2001) the band's swan song, which Adams labored over for two years before its release, by which time the group had split up.

The EP Rural Free Delivery (Mood Food, 1997) collects unreleased tracks from the early days and is apparently reviled by Adams.

Additionally, the band's music appears on various soundtracks and compilations.

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Whiskeytown has published photos.