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post-punk punk british Manchester rock

Considered to be Joy Division's earlier days, Warsaw involved Joy Divison members Ian Curtis (vocals), Peter Hook (bass/backing vocals), Bernard Sumner (guitar/backing vocals) and Steve Brotherdale (drums). Initially, they called themselves The Stiff Kittens with Sumner (guitar), Hook (vocals/bass) and Tony Tabac (drums) before Curtis joined as vocalist/lyricist along with a new drummer, Terry Mason, in late '76.

Defiantly more punk influenced and heavier, the band recorded a 5 track demo in July 1977 which remained unheard until 1994 when a semi-official bootleg CD was released. Following the dismissal of drummer Brotherdale shortly after the demo recording, Stephen Morris joined as drummer, thus forming the final band line-up.

Following Morris' appointment the band's sound changed dramatically and in late '77 they changed their name to Joy Division, debuting under their new moniker in January 1978.

The name "Warsaw" was taken from the track Warszawa from David Bowie's album Low.

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