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War Of Ages

metalcore hardcore christian Christian Metalcore metal

War of Ages is a christian melodic metalcore band from Erie, Pennsylvania, formed during the summer of 2002.

The band members are Leroy Hamp (vocals), Branon Bernatowicz (guitar), Steve Brown (guitar), T.J. Alford (bass, vocals) and Alex Hamp (drums), all of whom are Christians. They played over 250 shows in 2005 with bands such as Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, As I Lay Dying, and Throwdown.

They have since released their self-titled debut album War of Ages in July 2005 on Strike First Records and in February 2006, they were moved to the Facedown Records roster and recorded their second full-length album, Pride of the Wicked, released in September 2006. Arise and Conquer was released in 2008. Eternal, was released April 13th, 2010, and will be the last album released under their Facedown Records contract.

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