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Walk Off the Earth

indie indie rock rock reggae Canadian

    Walk Off the Earth is an band which formed in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in 2006. The band consists of Gianni Luminati, Mike Taylor, Joel Cassady, Sarah Blackwood and Ryan Marshall. Blackwood was also a member of the psychobilly band The Creepshow.

    The band has gained success around the world by making low-budget music videos of covers and originals and built their fan base independently with no help from record labels, booking agents or management. On February, 2012, the music industry publication Crazed Hits reported that the band had signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.The band is best known for their covers of popular music on YouTube, making use of uncommon instruments such as the Ukulele and the Theremin, as well as looping samples. The band's recorded music and videos are produced by member and multi instrumentalist Gianni Luminati.

    The band's first album, "Smooth Like Stone on a Beach" was released in 2007. Their second, "My Rock" was released in 2010. The band third album, "R.E.V.O." was released in March 2013, and the album "Sing it All Away" was released in 2015.

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