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Visací zámek

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Visací zámek (“Padlock”) is a Czech punkrock group formed in 1982. Today, they are considered the most legendary Czech punk band, as they've kept the same lineup for over 30 years. They highly inluenced a whole generation of Czech punk bands and inspired lifestyle and philosophy of young people in former Czechoslovakia. Hits like Uniformy (“Uniforms”) or Dopravní značky (“Traffic signs”) laid foundations of modern Czech anarchopacifism, extreme nihilism and postmodernism. During the 1990’s, they had departed from their former ideals and their songs became more nihilistic and heavy metal. Recently, Visáči ("Pads" - familial nickname) returned to their trademark punk sound as documented by their extremely popular song Známka punku (“Mark of Punk”), which broke into mainstream.

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