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Venetian Snares

breakcore idm electronic experimental electronica

    Aaron Funk, a Canadian of widely varying electronic music styles, achieved a reputation in circles upon his signing to Planet Mu (label run by Mike Paradinas, aka µ-Ziq). It's a testament to his production prowess that his base of Winnipeg, Manitoba, hasn't prevented electronic music enthusiasts around the world from investigating his recordings.

    Often abbreviated to "Vsnares" – Funk's distinctive style reflects unconventional time signatures and extremely rapid and erratic rhythms. Unpredictable and stimulating, the effect is intense.

    Funk's first release was "Greg Hates Car Culture", an EP for the History Of The Future Label, followed by "Salt" for Zhark and "Fuck Canada // Fuck America" with Stunt Rock for CLFST. When Mike Paradinas heard "Greg Hates Car Culture", he immediately signed Funk for Planet µ. Prior to this, he self-released material on cassette tape as early as 1992.

    The first Venetian Snares LP on Planet µ "Making Orange Things" (a co-production with Speedranch), dropped in early 2001; following in short order were 5 more releases, all released before the end of 2002. Funk continued recording for a variety of labels, including Hymen, Addict, and Sublight Records, and has also recorded as snares, Snares Man!, BeeSnares, Ventriloquist Snakes, Puff, Last Step and Senetian Vnares.

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