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Veda Hille

female vocalists singer-songwriter Canadian piano seen live

Veda Hille was born in 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She started playing piano when she was 6 at her own insistence. Her family moved around a lot, from the city to the country and back again. Veda ran around in the woods and the streets, practiced piano, read books and used her Junior Scientist Microscope.

First she played classical music. Then came pop music, and a few years of jazz. There was the ill-fated year as an inept lounge musician. She attended art school studying sculpture, film, and performance art. She also worked as a cook. Veda began writing music in 1990.

Veda put out an indie cassette, 'Songs About People and Buildings', in 1992. People liked it and she started playing around town. She slowly started the business of touring Canada, and also began a long relationship with the Canadian modern dance scene. In 1994 she released her first CD, and has released an album roughly every 18 months since then. By the time she started working with her current band (assembled in 1997) she was regularly touring Canada, the US, and Germany.

Veda plays piano and tenor guitar, dabbles in banjo, accordion, and protocols, and has a new love affair going on with a nord electro keyboard and a handful of casios. She writes about the natural world, the trickiness of love, the constant threat of tragedy, as well as very Vancouver subjects such as the late painter Emily Carr ('Here Is A Picture') and the missing women of the Downtown Eastside ('Return of the Kildeer's 'Liza Jane').

Lately the Hille empire has been diversifying further. Veda is a member of two new bands: Duplex! (rock music for kids) and The Fits (vaudeville duets). She continues to make her own records, and does so in cahoots with Ape Records, run by XTC’s Andy Partridge. Veda is now the in-house composer for Theatre Replacement and collaborates with them on at least one show per year. She recently scored Bonnie Klein’s new NFB film Shameless: The ART of Disability, and has been producing records for other musicians as well. A large part of 2006 is set aside for writing new songs as commissioned by The Push Festival (Vancouver) for premiere in January 2007.

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