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    It was in mid-may 2004, when the second year of competition for young bands called Coca-Cola Popstar got its new winners. Although the band called UDG the seemed to be talented, only very few people could expect what succes will it get and how shortly would it last.

    Winning the competition meant automatically a contract on a CD with Sony Music. It was named Ztraceni v inspiracich (Lost in inspiration) and was released in Autumn 2004. Betting on young, energic guitar-pop with Czech lyrics, the UDG became very shortly quite popular and managed to get some rotations even on Evropa 2, the most influential local radio.

    However, the band didn´t get anything for free. It all actually started in 1998 in a filthy industrial town of Usti nad Labem in the north-west of Czech, where brothers Petr and Pavel Vrzaks had been studying a high school and along with classmates tried to make a rock band. Fortunately they managed to stay in the same personal structure, with Petr Vrzak, Michal Cech ad Bohumil Nemecek as vocalist and guitarrist, Pavel Vrzak plaing bass, Adam Kupera as a saxophonist and Tomáš Staněk behind the drumms.

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