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slovak rock pop rock great under 2000 listeners

U.N.K.D is a slovak pop rock band.
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- Dalibor "could" Daňko (guitar), Noro Šuba (drums) and Michael "Majky" Andel (bass) are starting to band together in hrávať Crunch

- To Dalovi and Norovi (already without Michael) are added Patrik Antal (bass) and Richard Synčák (guitar), who Daliborom play in the Slovak band in order to create theatrical music for amateur theater at the house of MS in Nitra.
- Group added keyboard Tomas Furmánek

- The band starts saxophonist Vilo Kompas
- The first appearance in Dala's birthday party
- Singing is temporarily taking Richard
- The first public appearance in Nitra in the square in the "cultural summer"
- The band announces the name of U.K.N.D

- The group comes Stefan Višňovský to post singer, the band has two singers
- The first appearance outside attractions. The group successfully represents Nitra House MS in international events "World Year of India" in Martin
- Richard Synčák announces departure of the band Desmond

- U.K.N.D is presented as predkapela I.M.T. Smile, the post rotates basgitaristu Patrick Michal
- Record the first demo under the supervision of producer Richard Synčáka, which includes songs outside the other "I Can Fly" / When I go to heaven / and the Joint For All "/ lie in the grass /
- The band is going back Patrik, Michal take over the post guitarist
- A group occurs "Life" concert almost sold Old Pekárny in Nitra
- Composition "Last Dinner" to second place in all the listening charts N-Radio and ranking is held 2 months

- Desmond in the test group recorded a demo, which includes songs outside the other "Kofola" / Song of soft drinks "," Bajo El Sol "," Sysľa "/ I want you /" Gas "/ neighbors Dog / a" freeze "/ Only moment /
- From leaving the band and Michal Vilo
- Noro starts to perform basic military service but what band does not limit significantly

- First nahráka in the professional study of song: "Can you believe it", "The last sentence of" / sadnem to the grass /, "100 Bohov" / Happy Birthday /, under the baton of Richard Synčáka producing, which is rewarded for their work food and cigarettes
- Thomas leaves for work in the U.S., replaced by Peter Petráš

- Act as the band predkapela groups Horkýže Slíže and IneKafe
- Will be loaded with new demo tracks: "Laika / Sputničnije Sabaki", "Where kráčam" / About Angels, "" Evening with … "/ What it's challenging? /

- The group comes Radim Drinka
- From the USA, returned to Sao Tome and rotates Petra Petráš
- The band is experiencing the first real success, the song Laika / Sputničnije Sabaki / based on výberovke "OKEY HITY 2"

- Laika / Sputničnije Sabaki / výberovke based on "SKATE PARTY"
- Act as the band to tour predkapela COLDPLAY - Derilov world tour
- Speak with whole Slovak music festivals
- Recording albums on their own / producer of the Roman nightingale and UKND /
- The signing of a contract with Vydavateltvo Forza Music
- Deployment of single bruises, nahrávenie video, the director takes Stano Petrov

- Debut album building and gradually other single "Macik", "Pigeons in the range" and "When I go to heaven"
/ krstnych fathers albums are members of the group COLDPLAY /
- Price reading "Discovery of the Year" magazine playmate 2004
- Tenth place in the poll nightingale 2004
- With a group of Post-it guest on Desmond - group therapy tour 2004

- Is the second album "On the second" / producer is Peter "Sanchcez" Saniga and UKND / with the single "Disco", "Morušová" and "The Angels"
- Album Krstný father was John Balaz from the group elan
- Musical guest for the 2005 hurricane tour
- The band has performed strongly

- Radim leaving the group, the group after years of returns Michal

- A group of terminating cooperation with Tomas and preparing material for new album

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