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Type O Negative

Gothic Metal doom metal metal Gothic Gothic Rock

    Type O Negative was a / band formed in Brooklyn, New York, US in 1990. They are well known for their dry, morbid and ironic sense of humor and their often slow and brooding music. "The Drab Four" (the nickname Type O Negative gave themselves) always succeeded in keeping their own unique style, mixing melodic, classic rock 'n' roll with slow, doom-like vibes, and down-tuned heavy metal guitar riffs with dark soundscapes. They were also known for doom metal riffs, deep bass lines, heavy but usually slow drums and bass-range vocals of gothic metal. Lead singer Peter Steele described their music as "bad songs written on a Tuesday night."

    The two main influences on the band are the Beatles and Black Sabbath, and keyboardist Josh Silver has expressed a love of Pink Floyd–evidence of which can be heard in the atmospherics of his production techniques.

    The band arose from the ashes of the band Carnivore and gained popularity with their songs "Black No. 1" and "Christian Woman" from the Bloody Kisses album. The album was the first in Roadrunner Records' catalog to go both gold and platinum. They have successfully toured with Pantera, Life of Agony, and dozens of other established and up-and-coming bands, as well as taking part in Ozzfest. The band had VHS and DVD documentary releases in addition to their CD releases and contributions to movie soundtracks and compilations.

    Peter Steele, singer and bassist of the band, died of heart failure on April 14th 2010 at the age of 48.

    Singles and video-featured songs

    Black No. 1 - 1993
    Christian Woman - 1993
    Cinnamon Girl - 1996
    Everyone I Love Is Dead - 1999
    Everything Dies - 1999
    I Don't Wanna Be Me - 2003
    Love You to Death - 1996
    My Girlfriend's Girlfriend - 1996
    Profits of Doom - 2007
    September Sun - 2007
    Summer Breeze - 1993


    Slow, Deep and Hard - 1991
    Origin of The Feces - 1992
    Bloody Kisses - 1993
    October Rust- 1996
    World Coming Down - 1999
    Life Is Killing Me - 2003
    Dead Again - 2007


    Peter Steele - Vocals, bass guitar and songwriting (1990-2010)
    Josh Silver - Keyboards (1990-2010)
    Kenny Hickey - Guitar and backing vocals (1990-2010)
    Johnny Kelly - Drums (1994-2010)
    Sal Abruscato - Drums (1990-1993)

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