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Tyler Joseph

alternative indie electronic indie pop hip hop

Tyler Robert Joseph, born December 1, 1988, is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Columbus, Ohio. He is the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots.
Joseph's solo project released an EP entitled No Phun Intended. The EP was recorded in Joseph's senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement. The song "Save", off the release, was redone and released as a free download for a time on Twenty One Pilots' official website before it was then pulled.
In 2010, Joseph was featured in the song "Live" by the Christian rapper Jocef, with two other rappers (Juda and Alon). The song is the opening track to Jocef's debut album, In Search Of: L.O.V.E. The track was co-written by Tyler Joseph and Joseph Langston (who is Jocef). Jocef eventually returned the favor a year later by being featured on the song "Be Concerned" off Twenty One Pilots' 2011 Regional at Best.
In 2011, Joseph was also the lead star in Five14 Church's three episode mockumentary entitled "The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango". According to the mockumentary, Joseph was an intern at the church at the time.
In 2012, Joseph was featured in an internet-use awareness video entitled "Where are you?" by Mark C. Eshleman (producer of many of Twenty One Pilots' music videos) for an annual contest put on by Trend Micro called What's Your Story? The room used in the video is the same room in which the original music video for "House of Gold" was filmed.
On December 24, 2013, Christmas Eve, Tyler Joseph participated and sang "O come, O come, Emmanuel" at Five14 Church's Christmas With the Stars in New Albany, Ohio. The official video of the performance was uploaded to YouTube on February 14, 2014. He also performed a magic segment with the church's host & emcee David McCreary for the show. Joseph has also contributed to a few tracks for Five14 Church's worship albums.

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