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Tungtvann consists of MC Jørg-1 and DJ/producer Poppa-Lars, and is a north-Norwegian rap group who pioneered flowing in Norwegian. Jørg-1 had earlier fronted a hip-hop project called Tailormade.

The duo formed in Bodø, Nordland, Norway and debuted in 1999 with the EP "Reinspikka hip-hop", which consisted of three tracks and caused major label EMI to gain interest.

The following year, the group released "Nord og ned" on this label. The LP's sound was close to classical 90s hip-hop such as Black Moon and Gang Starr. It featured the then-elite of Norwegian rappers; Apollo, Definite and Pen Jakke, and is reckoned a classic among Norwegian hip-hop heads.

In 2002, they followed with "Mørketid". The album showed development both in the beats and the rhymes, and had just one feature: North-Norwegian folk singer Terje Nilsen. It spawned two of the group's biggest hits; "Pøbla" and "Bransjehora".

Later the same year they dropped a six-track EP called "Påfyll". It featured Poppa-Lars experimenting with live-instruments as well as guest spots from stars-to-be Jaa9 & Onkl P as well as veteran Mandal MC Son of Light. "Påfyll" became the group's last release for EMI. The split came in june 2003, and in november the same year they signed with Christer Falck's C + C Records.

In 2004 they dropped "III: Folket bak nordavind". The development displayed showed that the couple still was on top of the country's scene, and featured guest spots from people like the north nowegian group Manna, Jaa9 & Onkl P, the Swedish rap comets in AFC, Danish gangsta-rap legend L.O.C, singjay Nico D of Jah Ark Manifest and Swedish ragga MC Jogi.

In 2006, the LP "Siste skanse" was dropped. It features the most-selling rapper of today's Scandinavia Timbuktu, the young and promising Oslo rap group Herreløse, L.O.C, Bodø singer/songwriter Magnus Eliassen and the German dancehall MC Ill Inspecta as well as serious developments both on flows and productions.

In addition to the albums, the group has released two mixtapes and a dozen singles. Members of the group has also participated in side projects such as Raggabalder and Skills misse baren.

Tungtvann broke up in 2007. Jørg-1 went solo under the name Joddski.

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