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There is more than one artist with this name:

Туман is a black metal band, hailing from Hungary. Their name is written in cyrillic, "Туман" is Russian for "Fog" and it's spelled as "Tuman".
The band was founded by Dim (a.k.a. Tuman) and Shadow (a.k.a. Tehb) in 2002. They recorded their first demo called "Beginning of the End" in 2003 and it was released in July. They used drum machine on this one.
In 2004 they recorded their second demo named "Funeral Fog" and not much before it Gelal joined the band on drums completing the line up.
Their lyrics is mostly about Transylvania, darkness and hate - all written by Dim who is the vocalist and responsible for guitar playing as well.
Their first album "Transilvanian Dreams" was released in 2005 by No Colours Records. No Colours Records is the label for the infamous German black metal band Nargaroth too. The second one came out in 2007 named “Loquitur Cum Alqo Sathanas” with an improved sound. The album continues the Satanic theme.

2) Туман is a Rapcore band from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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