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    Pure unadulterated no frills black metal band TSJUDER date back to 1993 and the union of guitarist Berserk and vocalist and bassist Nagel (real name Jan Erik Romøren) in Oslo. The following year Draugluin (real name Halvor Storrøsten) was added on guitar for the initial 1995 demo tape ‘Ved Verdens Ende’. Berserk exited after the tape release as TSJUDER enrolled drummer Torvus for a second session ‘Possessed’. Friction was still evident as Torvus was given his marching orders being supplanted by Desecrator. The band also enlisted American guitarist Diabolus Mort. This line up cut the EP ‘Throne Of The Goat’ for Solistitium Records.

    Blod of GEHENNA sessioned on drums for the debut album ‘Kill For Satan’. TSJUDER also drafted ISVIND mainman Arak Draconiis on guitar. Live work saw the addition of drummer Anti Christian although due to injury he would relinquish the drum stool to Jontho Pantera (John Thomas Bratland) of RAGNAROK, SHADOW DANCERS, KHARON and CROWHEAD repute in October of 2001. 2002 would see the recording of a new album 'Demonic Possession'. The 'Throne Of The Goat' EP would also be marked for a re-release in a limited edition run of 666 copies by the Norwegian Mester label.

    Guitarist Draugluin teamed up with RAGNAROK on a session basis in late 2002. TSJUDER signed to the French label Season of Mist in April of 2004 in preperation for a third album billed as 'Desert Northern Hell'. An extensive round of European shows in February of 2005 found the band packaged with headliners CARPATHIAN FOREST together with WYKKED WYTCH and E-FORCE. September shows in Europe and Scandinavia had the band forming up a package comprising ARCTURUS, NATTEFROST, RED HARVEST and CONFESSOR. Christian Svendsen joined GRIMFIST in May.

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