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Tsar Poloz

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Under the nickname Tsar Poloz hides Piotr Połoz born in 1981 - polish musician, involved in various music and art projects, such as Psychocukier, Cobula, Neogotik, BIO Project, Bautata Festival, HWDJazz, Radio Copernicus. A participant of international festivals such as Alt+F4 (Warsaw), ARTACTS (St.Johann), Club Transmediale (Berlin), Garage Festival(Stralsund), WienModern(Vienna), Next Festival (Bratislava), Wilsonic Festival (Bratislava), Progress Festival (Ljubljana), Unsound (Cracow), ElectroMechanica(St.Petersburg).

As DEUCE he has released two full length albums published by the legendary polish electronica label mik.musik.!. There was a debut in 2001 titled "not in the kitchen". The second release "We can make it faster and better than DEUCE" came out in 2004. Both got enthusiasitc reviews in Poland and abroad.

During the years 2005/2006 he was touring around Europe with mik.musik.!. crew (Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Slovakia and Poland). There were no official releases since then except for many different compilations.

In 2007 DEUCE took part in a special french-polish BIO Project with Marcin Zarzeka, Gangpol&Mit and DJ Gilou. They appeared together with shows in Poland and France.
Afterwards together with CO they made an electropunkfreestyle duo called COBULA and after a few gigs in Poland they visitted Zurich, Berlin, Leipzig and St.Petersburg.

2007 was also a year of a debut album by the guitarband called Psychocukier in which Piotr Poloz plays bass and sings.
In 2008 the second album by this group called "NoMoreWork" came out.

2009 is a year of a new project called Tsar Poloz.Growing number of different kind of rappers, artists, projects named DEUCE all around the world inspired Poloz to take a new nickname, which is more personal and unique and there is no need in browsing google to find out you already exist.
The music still evolves, but there are some recognizable elements. Beautiful melodies crashed together with a great and massive noise. CYBER-TRASH DISCO! Breakbeat, drum and bass, drill and bass, bootycore, breakcore, electropunk, IDM songs. Eclecticism.

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