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Annika Line Trost was born in Berlin on May 21, 1977, and grew up in the Spandau district at a fishing site.

She suffered her first bout of lovesickness at the age of two when she saw Kralle Krawinkel, guitarist with the German cult band Trio, on TV. Not so many years later, she began listening to punk rock and learning to play the drums.

She spent her early childhood practising the hula hoop between green hedges, breathing clean air and watching the ships go by, discovered punk rock at the age of 10 and gave up her piano training for drum lessons. Aged 13, she already played in several Sixties garage bands.

When she was twenty, she traded in her drum kit for a sampler and embarked on her first global tour with Shizuo (Digital Hardcore), followed by numerous gigs with Shizuo (Give Up) in Europe and the United states. She founded her own band, Cobra Killer, together with Gina V. DoriO in January 1998.

Cobra Killer soon won international acclaim, playing around one hundred shows per year worldwide. Ingeniously walking the line of electronic punk rock, Cobra Killer have minted their own musical style while constantly continuing to reinvent themselves radically. Their excessive live shows enthuse and inspire their audience, critics and international colleagues alike:

"We played a couple shows these last few nights in Germany with a band called Cobra Killer that completely knocked us out … Its two girls & a sampler, and it was just phenomenal, like two of the most inspiring shows on a lot of different levels. I really loved it."
(Thursten Moore, Sonic Youth)

Next to the Cobra Killer albums, Trost brought out her first solo album, entitled Trost (out on Fm451/Valve), in 2002 and also released her successful independent single hit "I see cathedrals".

Now Annika Line Trost has completed her second album, Trust Me, whisking us away into her world where a sense of belonging can never be more than a passing moment, the colour of innocence is dark blue, and elegance has been defined by Brian Ferry for all time. Similar to the fleeting images of a David Lynch movie, accompanied by the manic despair of Francoise Hardy, Trosts songs develop a definitely light-footed, yet irresistible lure on this album. She tells us nonchalantly and in three languages of great love and great coldness, and you can no longer resist the realization that these two, taken to the extreme, coincide. Despite all their musical contemporariness, despite the urban rhythms, there are moments of belonging in these songs which we can lose ourselves in as long as we dont believe that they can save us from the monsters of darkness. But then, who wants to be saved if theres a chance of following this voice to the very place where those monsters are lurking.

Trust me was recorded by Trost in Australia and Berlin with the musicians Tom Carlyion (The Devastations), Conrad Standish (The Devastations), and in Berlin with F.J. Krüger (Ideal), Thomas Wydler (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Jan Schade and Adam-Eve.

The tracks that were completed in Australia were produced by Annika Line Trost, the ones completed in Berlin by Annika Line Trost and Adam-Eve.

Trost has published photos.