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Trobar de Morte

medieval neofolk ethereal neoclassical folk

    Trobar de Morte is a / band from Barcelona, Spain.

    In 1999, Lady Morte began work on a solo project called Trobar de Morte. The project, involving vocals and keyboards, was principally inspired by the European Middle Ages. Some years later, in 2002, Lady Morte joined together with two companions, Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott (members of Sathorys), in order to work on a project that was similar in theme but put Trobar de Morte on hold. The union of the two groups, Trobar de Morte and Sathorys, became Ordo Funebris. When Ordo Funebris disbanded one year later, in September 2003, Lady Morte resumed her work creating music under the name Trobar de Morte, picking up her initial project from where it she had left it the year before.

    She wanted a band that did not rely solely upon one instrument - the keyboard - and thought that an acoustic guitar would bring much more beauty to the music. Thus, she invited “Lenna” to play along with her, charging him with creating guitar scores. But Lady Morte felt that something was still missing… something that would give more force and tenacity to the band, something that would forcefully beat through the music like a heart… finally she knew what was needed: percussion! So “Taedium” was invited to join the group, becoming the lord of the drums. A new band was created, a band where the world of dreams is ruler, where fairies exist, and where beautiful, deep forests prompt a return to an imagined medieval era. There, where the witches dance around the bonfire and share their desires with the night and the stars, where the sea whispers the secret name of the wind, and the moon lulls us to sleep with its sweet lullaby… the enchanting surroundings breathe life into Trobar de Morte.

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