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    Anders Trentemøller is a Danish electronic musician from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Trentemøller made his debut in 1997 together with DJ T.O.M. when they formed the first live- act in Denmark, Trigbag, and started playing concerts all over the globe. Trigbag's single Showtime was played by international DJs such as Alex Gopher, Laurent Garnier, and Etienne de Crécy. Trigbag dissolved in 2000.

    Trentemøller returned on Naked Music in 2003 with his The Trentemøller EP including the tracks Le Champagne and Work in Progress. Trentemøller received the award “Up Front Release of the Year” at the Danish DJ Awards in February 2004 for the Track “Le Champagne”.

    In late 2004 he and his friend and partner, DJ Buda, issued a white label remix of Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, under the name Run Jeremy. Together they've also made other great tracks such as "Gamma" and "25 Timer". Furthermore, Trentemøller has worked together with DJ Buda and DJ T.O.M. on another track on the upcoming and much anticipated Lulu Rouge album entitled Bless You which was released in May 2008.

    In February 2005 Steve Bug released the renowned Trentemøller EP Physical Fraction on his label Audiomatique. This release put Trentemøller on the map of internationally successful producers, and was followed by three releases on Bug’s main label Poker Flat: Polar Shift, Sunstroke, and the Nam Nam EP. Many reader polls awarded him as the Best Newcomer of the year 2005.

    Trentemøller is also a much demanded remixer. Highlights have been his remixes for Martinez (Shadowboxing), Sharon Philips ("Want 2/Need 2"), Röyksopp (What Else Is There?), The Knife (We Share Our Mother’s Health), Sodom for the Pet Shop Boys, and Moby’s hit Go. Go (Trentemøller Remix) charted at #38 on the Australian ARIA Club chart in October 2006. In 2006, Trentemøller also released a remix of Chris Isaak's 90s hit Wicked Game under his alias Businessman. The single was called Dubby Games and was a major underground tune that year.

    Anders' debut album The Last Resort was released on Poker Flat in October 2006. German magazine Groove Mag and French magazine Trax both voted it as "Record of the Year" in November 2006.

    His Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 was voted Essential Mix of the Year by listeners in 2006.

    In 2007 the song Moan by Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle was a big hit in Denmark as well as a top 30 hit in the Belgium Singles Top 50.

    His fourth album, entitled Fixion, released on 16 September 2016



    2006 – The Last Resort
    2007 – The Trentemøller Chronicles
    2010 - Into The Great Wide Yonder
    2013 - Live In Copenhagen
    2013 - Lost
    2016 - Fixion


    2003 – Trentemøller EP (12")
    2004 – Beta Boy (12")
    2005 – Kink (12")
    2005 – Physical Fraction (12")
    2005 – Polar Shift (12")
    2005 – Serenetti (12")
    2006 – Sunstroke (12")
    2006 – Nam Nam E.P. (12")
    2006 – Rykketid (12")
    2006 – Always Something Better (12")
    2006 - Dubby Games (as "Businessman")
    2007 – African People (12")
    2007 – Moan (12")
    2007 – Moan (Dub & Instrumental) (12")
    2008 – Miss You (Remixes) (12")
    2008 - Live in Concert EP (Live at Roskilde 2007)
    2009 - Rauta EP (12")


    unknown year - Aphex twin - windowlicker
    unknown year - Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches
    1999 – ETA – Ayia Napa
    2003 – Filur – You & I
    2003 – B & B International – Decorated With Ornaments
    2003 – Malou – I Wish
    2003 – Laid Back – Beautiful Day
    2003 – Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns
    2004 – Yoshimoto – Du What U Du
    2004 – Andy Caldwell – Give a Little
    2004 – Pashka – Island Breeze
    2004 – The Rhythm Slaves – The Light You Will See
    2004 – Aya – Uptown
    2005 – Mathias Schaffhauser – Coincidance
    2005 – Fred Everything & 20 for 7 – Friday
    2005 – Vernis – Bubble Bath
    2005 – Varano – Dead End Street
    2005 - Pet Shop Boys - Sodom
    2005 – Sharon Phillips – Want 2/Need 2
    2005 – Unai – Oh You and I
    2005 – Martinez – Shadowboxing
    2005 – Röyksopp – What Else Is There?
    2005 – The Knife – We Share Our Mother's Health
    2006 – Djosos Krost – Chaptor One
    2006 – Delirium – Silence
    2006 – Jokke Ilsoe – Feeling Good
    2006 – Moby – Go (2006)
    2006 – Trentemøller feat. Richard Davis – Always Something Better
    2007 – Trentemøller feat. Ane Trolle – Moan
    2008 – Kasper Bjørke – Doesn't Matter
    2008 – Modeselektor – The White Flash
    2008 – Lulu Rouge - Bless You
    2008 – Booka Shade - Outskirts
    2009 – Depeche Mode - Wrong

    (2) Denmark-based Anders Trentemøller made his debut in 1997, DJ'ing the local club circuit and occasionally performing live. After a self-imposed hiatus spanning several years, he returned with his own productions, which quickly grabbed the ear of the then red-hot Naked Music house music label. His debut EP was well received and won praise from DJs in all electronic music genres. This led to a series of 12" singles on such labels as Audiomatique and Tic Tac Toe before Trentemøller found a home on Germany's esteemed Poker Flat, where he released a series of critically acclaimed singles. His ambitious, moody double-disc album The Last Resort was released in 2006 on Poker Flat. Into the Great Wide Yonder, issued on Trentemøller's In My Room label, followed four years later and was even more removed from the dancefloor. This move toward the midtempo continued with 2013's Lost, a song-oriented effort that featured guest appearances from Jana Hunter, Marie Fisker, and the indie rock group Low. A remixed version of the album, Lost Reworks, appeared in 2014. ~ Rob Theakston, Rovi

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