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Travis Barker

drums rock hip hop alternative Hip-Hop

    Travis Landon Barker, (born November 14, 1975), is the current drummer for San Diego-based blink-182 and +44. Travis has also played drums for Box Car Racer, Transplants, The Aquabats (as Baron Von Tito) and is 1/3 in hiphop group Expensive Taste with Transplants bandmate Rob Aston. He also was half of TRV$DJAM before DJ AM's death.

    According to Songfacts, Barker released his first solo album, Give The Drummer Some on March 15, 2011. The title was based on something James Brown used to say on stage when he would break it down and let the drummer take over.

    He has also worked with Queens Of The Stone Age (as a session drummer on a few of their tracks), Avril Lavigne (as a guest drummer),The Vandals, and The Suicide Machines.

    Travis Barker is also known for his brand Famous Stars and Straps and is also involved with Rogue Status, DTA and a number of other clothing companies in California.

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