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screamo seen live hardcore swedish post-hardcore

    1) Traktor from Czech Republic is a Pub/Rock band.

    2) TRAKTOR from Sweden @
    TRAKTOR from Sweden is four piece band playing pretty intensive screamo/hc. There are four releases they did in last 4/5 years, 2 Ep´s, one LP called LIGHTS and newest EP Vultures (on Cut and Run Records).

    3) TRAKTOR from Belgium @
    Traktor from Belgium brings folk inspired music with funny lyrics

    4) Traktor from Berlin @ (Techno/Electronic/Noise Techno)
    Real Name: Torsten Pröfrock
    Torsten Pröfrock runs the german label DIN, member of the Hardwax-clan, famous record store in Berlin, friend of Robert Henke.
    Aliases:, Dynamo, Erosion, Just For One Day, Log, Ps (3), Resilent, T++, Torsten Pröfrock, Traktor 9000

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