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Toro y Moi

chillwave electronic Lo-Fi psychedelic seen live

    Toro y Moi is a solo project of Columbia, South Carolina native and resident, Chaz Bear (f.k.a. Chaz Bundick). In 2009, Bear earned a BFA in Graphic Design from The University of South Carolina.

    Chaz Bear's methods are constantly evolving. While heavily influenced by his parent's vinyl and tape collection, his contemporary influences are Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, J Dilla, and Daft Punk.

    Toro y Moi started in 2007 as a bedroom project that quickly grew into live performance. The music is associated with the movement but the sound is influenced by , , and .

    Toro y Moi is signed to Carpark Records. The first full-length album, Causers of This, was released in January 2010.

    Toro y Moi's second album Underneath the Pine was released in February 2011.

    His EP titled Freaking Out was released in September of 2011.

    A compilation of songs titled June 2009 was released in April of 2012.

    His album "Anything In Return" was released on January 16, 2013.

    His fourth album "What For?" was released on April 6 2015.

    His latest, fifth album "Boo Boo" was released on July 7, 2017.

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