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Tonight Alive

pop punk female vocalists pop rock australian powerpop

    Tonight Alive is an Australian 5 piece pop-punk band from Castle Hill, New South Wales. The band consists of bassist Cameron Adler, guitarist Jake Hardy, vocalist Jenna McDougall and drummer Matty Best. One of their guitarist/vocalist Whakaio "Whak" Taahi recently in 2017 left the band. Their newest abum "Underworld" being the last album of Tonight Alive for him.
    Forming in 2008, the band worked up a strong following in Australia's scene, playing shows with bands such as Fireworks, Heroes for Hire and The Wonder Years; before gaining a substantial international profile through extensive touring of North American and Europe.

    In 2010, the band released an EP, All Shapes and Disguises as well as a 7-inch entitled Consider This with three new songs. The band released four singles - "Breaking and Entering," "Starlight," "Listening" and "Let It Land" - from their debut album, What Are You So Scared Of?, which was released in Australia on October 14th, 2011. The record was officially released in the UK and US on October 2012, a year after its initial release in Australia.

    A new single, "Breakdown," was released at the start of 2013 and featured vocals from Good Charlotte's Benji Madden. This was a standalone single, and did not appear on the band's second studio album, The Other Side. The album was released in September 2013 and featured three singles - "The Ocean," "Come Home" and "Lonely Girl," the latter of which has amassed over one million views for its video clip on YouTube.

    In March 2014, the band released a new single, "The Edge." It is the lead single from the soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2; and features footage from the movie in its video.

    In 2017 they announced their newest album expected to be released January 12th, 2018.

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