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Toni Braxton

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    Toni Michelle Braxton-Lewis (born October 7, 1967 in Severn, Maryland) is an American R&B/adult - pop music / contemporary singer, songwriter, and actress who was popular during the 1990s and the new millennium with hits like "Un-Break My Heart", "You're Makin' Me High", "He Wasn't Man Enough" and "Breathe Again".

    She has won 7 Grammy Awards. The RIAA named Braxton as one of the top selling R&B artists of all time.

    She first burst onto the scene in 1992 on the Boomerang Soundtrack, after Anita Baker turned down the opportunity. In 1993 Toni released her debut album simply titled, Toni Braxton. This album stayed at the top of the charts for a year and was a critically acclaimed album.

    Toni released her sophomore effort, "Secrets" in 1996 which also did very well on both R&B and Pop charts. From that album Toni got two #1 hits; "You're Making Me High "and "Unbreak My Heart", which spent 14 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard top 100, and was a worldwide hit. After 5 Grammy awards and a little break, Toni Braxton came back strong with her 2000 album, "The Heat."

    Though not as successful as her first two albums, The Heat went on to sell 4 million copies and spawned the huge hits "He Wasn't Man Enough"and "Just Be A Man About It".

    Toni has released two further albums, 2002's" More Than A Woman" and 2005's "Libra". Toni's sixth studio album "Pulse" was issued Spring 2010 via Atlantic Records. The singles "Yesterday" and "Hands Tied" were the biggest hits. Susequent singles to be released from "Pulse" include "Make My Heart" and "Woman."

    In January 2011, the WE Television Network confirmed that it had signed Braxton for a reality series, Braxton Family Values, which will be marketed as one of the network's flagship shows.

    The series debuted April 12, 2011, and looks at the relationship between the singer/songwriter Braxton, her mother, and her four sisters; Trina, Tamar, Traci and Towanda — all aspiring singers themselves — along with the interpersonal relationships of each family member.

    The show will also look at Braxton's heavily publicized separation from estranged husband, singer Keri Lewis.Toni parted ways with her long time manager Vincent Herbert, who is also husband of sister Tamar Braxton, and signed a new management deal with Los Angeles-based entertainment/production company 'The Collective'.

    Braxton has confirmed work on her seventh studio album and that L.A. Reid would be producing on the album. Braxton announced at Mercedes-Benz 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week in an interview with Rocco Leo Gaglioti as a part of "Fashion News Live" that she would be releasing a new single titled "I Heart You" in March with a music video directed by renowned music video director, Bille Woodruff.

    There will be a total of ten songs on the new release (nine new songs with one remix). Braxton premiered "I Heart You" on 9th March 2012. The forthcoming new album is rumored to be called "Gemstone".

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