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Tones on Tail

post-punk new wave 80s Gothic goth

Tones on Tail was a musical side project created by Daniel Ash of Bauhaus along with Bauhaus roadie Glenn Campling in 1982. After the demise of Bauhaus in 1983, they were joined by drummer Kevin Haskins. The band folded in 1984 shortly before Ash and Haskins went on to form Love and Rockets.

Tones on Tail's music is psychedelic/surrealist with a heavy English gothic rock vibe. It is textural and introspective and exhibits Ash's characteristically clean production. The band made a point of having each song sound as different as possible. In concert, the band sported all-white as a reaction to Bauhaus's all-black look. They never achieved a large following, though the track Go! is a retro dance club staple and a frequent addition to 1980s music compilations.

The band's back catalog has been subjected to a lot of compilations and reissues over the years; collecting the entire Tones on Tail discography was a difficult task. This was the situation until the 1998 release of Everything!, an appropriately named two-CD set of every track, fully remastered, plus a radio interview with Ash and Campling. The first disc contains the band's sole album Pop, while the second disc collects the rest of the band's work.

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