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Titanic Love Affair

power pop alternative alternative rock Champaign rock

Titanic Love Affair started in the late 80's by Jay Bennett. The band's 1991 Major Label debut came out on Charisma Records and got rave reviews across the nation. After leaving Charisma in 1992, the band put out an EP in 1992-1993 appropriately titled "No Charisma". Featuring 5 scorching tracks of the bands own brand of power-pop, this EP was an unsung classic! The bands sound was always compared to Dinosaur Jr. and The Replacements, always playing a little louder and a little more poppy than both bands, it was more like a rocking Cheap Trick meets The Mats meets Dinosaur Jr. Pop rock veterans Tommy Keene and Adam Schmitt were just a couple of people that took great praise for the band. In 1996, the band released its last record titled "Their Titanic's Majesties Request" on No Alternative Records. The band broke up shortly after its release with Jay joining Wilco and Lars Gustafsson joining Mother May I.

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