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    Threshold is a progressive metal band from the South of England, consisting of Glynn Morgan (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Richard West (keyboards), Steve Anderson (bass) and Johanne James (drums).

    Formed in the late 1980s, British progressive metal frontrunners Threshold combined influences of heavy metal and progressive rock to craft their very own trademark style that was a far cry from the contemporary sound of the time. The original Threshold line-up of Damian Wilson (vocals), Karl Groom (guitar), Nick Midson (guitar), Jon Jeary (bass), Richard West (keyboards) and Tony Grinham (drums) released the highly acclaimed debut album Wounded Land in 1993. The years that followed saw a succession of line-up changes as the band released the albums Psychedelicatessen (1994), Extinct Instinct (1997) and Clone (1998), accompanied by tours with combos such as Dream Theater, Psychotic Waltz and Pain Of Salvation.

    With Andrew 'Mac' McDermott now firmly established as the band’s front man, the following decade saw the release of Hypothetical (2001), Critical Mass (2002), Subsurface (2004) and Dead Reckoning (2007), bringing long-awaited chart success for the band. Shortly after the release of their Nuclear Blast debut Dead Reckoning (2007), original singer Damian Wilson rejoined the band for a period of extensive touring, replacing Andrew 'Mac' McDermott who sadly passed away on 3rd August 2011. The albums March Of Progress (2012) and For The Journey (2014) followed.

    In 2017 Threshold released their 11th studio album Legends Of The Shires with Glynn Morgan on vocals, having previously appeared on Psychedelicatessen (1994) and the subsequent mini live album Livedelica. Legends Of The Shires brought Threshold their best chart success to date (incl. #13 Germany, #14 Switzerland, #31 Austria). The band toured Europe in support of the album in 2017 followed by dates in the US and Canada in 2018.


    In the past there have been other bands who used the name Threshold:

    1. An R&B band. Fronted by singer Angela Carole Brown, and led by composer/guitarist Linda Taylor, Threshold includes drummer Laval Belle (Earth, Wind & Fire), bassist Del Atkins (Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige), organist Mikal Majeed (Rick Zunigar), keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio, The Brothers Johnson), and singers Catte Adams (Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole) and Janelle Sadler (Natalie Cole, Ozzy Osbourne).

    2. Finnish progressive rock band/project Threshold released their lone album "Paradise Now" in 1981. The band was a brainchild of (Pelle Miljoona's bassist) Ari Taskinen who wrote all the songs and plays keyboards and 12-string guitar here. Others participating were Vando Suvanto, Esa Kotilainen, Yari, Rubberduck Jones, Stefan Jones, Pia Noponen and Jone Takamäki.

    3. A Progressive Thrash Metal band from France. The band formed in 1988 and released an album in 1991 entitled: "Within the Expanse". Band members include: Stein Guitton - Guitar, Tristan Leroy - Guitar, François Morgues - Bass, and Regis Lebrun - Drums.

    4. An Atlanta-based religious punk band from the 80s. Threshold is an obscure band who appears on "The View: An Atlanta Compilation 1984-1990."

    Threshold has published photos.