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Thomas Helmig

danish seen live pop rock singer-songwriter

Thomas Helmig is a Danish singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and producer. He was born in Aarhus on the 15th October 1964.

Thomas Helmig leves the school bench in 1981 to pursue a carreer in music. He becomes the lead singer in “Kaksi Kuggas Band”. During 1981-82 he is an exchange student in Detroit, Michigan. Here he gets into motown and soul . In 1983 he becomes lead singer in the band Elevatordrengene that grow a steady live reputation in the following years.

In 1985 he releases his first album, named "Thomas", accompanied by the core of Elevatordrengene (now known as "Thomas Helmig Brothers"). The same year he also sings the first verse in the song “Afrika” (by Nanna), a charity song in the wake of Band Aid.
Both records immediately becomes major hits and the 20 year old Thomas Helmig becomes a teen-idol. The following year the second album, "2", is released which is a bit more funky than his first record. The album is credited to "Thomas Helmig Brothers".

Meanwhile Thomas Helmig gets married to Søs Fenger and the two become a young celebrity couple for 3 years (divorce) - they also record a few duets: Søs Fenger & Thomas Helmig

The succesful album “Vejen Væk” from 1988, contains one of Thomas Helmig’s best known songs “Nu hvor du har brændt mig af” and the album is sold in more than 160,000 copies. The album establishes him as a mainstream established pop artist on the danish scene - a position he has had since. He also got a reputation as an energetic and colourful performer, who played live concerts extensively.

During 1990 he becomes joint owner of Gnags’ record label “Genlyd”, which at this point had released all of his albums. Two years later when “Genlyd” is sold to the record label BMG, Thomas Helmig releases his first album in English; “Rhythm”. The album is released internationally with the title “Thomas Helmig”. The English-language style continues on the album “Say When”, which is released in 1993. The change of language also marks a conscious move away from 80s pop to a more modern soulpop, and this move is rewarded with three Danish Grammys at that years award show.

The following year he releases the album “Stupid Man” , which tops the previous album by winning six danish Grammy awards. The title track and song “Gotta Get Away From You” become hit songs and the record is sold in 250,000 copies. In 1996 the album “Groovy Day” is released, and the following year the compilation album “Årene Går (de største af de første)” which contains material from the years 1985-1990 is released, before he releases the album “Dream” in 1999.

In 2000 Thomas Helmig celebrates 15 years of being in the music industry which is marked with the release of the compilation album “Wanted” that in addition to previous released hits includes two new ones. In 2001 he releases the album “IsItYouIsItMe” one week after his 35th birthday. Three years later in 2004 Thomas Helmig releases the album “El Camino” which contains the single “Gold Digger”. The single get a lot of airtime on the Danish radio stations. The album is sold in more than 60,000 copies. In 2006 he releases the single “Aldrig Sige Aldrig Mere” for the movie “Sprængfarlig Bombe”. The song is contained in the album “Helmig Herfra” which is released the same year. The album is Thomas Helmig’s first album in Danish in 16 years. His later work has seen him move in a more mature and relaxed singer-songwriter direction, without losing his soulful style

During his many years in the music industry he has repeatedly been attached as producer on different albums among others on Malurt’s album “Spøgelser” from 1992.

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