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Thomas Buttenschøn

seen live danish singer-songwriter pop dansk

    Thomas Buttenschøn, was born in Africa, but brougt up in Jutland, Denmark.
    He won the Danish Banks talentprice, and the money, of which he used to record his hit single "Fantastiske Mandag" (fantastic monday).

    He played at a danish music festival in Århus, called SPOT. On stage in front of 300 people, who were all captured by his outstanding vocal and down to earth poetry, the board of SPOT, rescheduled an event for the first time ever in the history of SPOT.

    He then later in 2006 released his debut album named "Fantastiske Mandag", which is a combination of pop, jazz, funk, combined with the charm of the 21-year old Thomas Buttenschøn.

    The Latest news is, that he's ready with a new album 3. March 2008, called "Billeder af min baggård" (Pictures from my backyard)

    He released "Billeder af min baggård" (Pictures from my backyard) on monday the 3. March 2008.

    Thomas Buttenschøn is also part of the duo Lad De Små Børn Lege.

    Thomas Buttenschøn has published photos.