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Thom Yorke

electronic alternative experimental indie singer-songwriter

    Thomas Edward Yorke (born 7 October, 1968 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England) is best known as the lead singer of the English alternative rock band Radiohead. He has released two solo albums, "The Eraser" (2006) and "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" (2014) and is also the frontman for the supergroup Atoms for Peace.

    He mainly plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano, but has also played drums and bass guitar (notably during the Kid A and Amnesiac Radiohead sessions). He has one brother, Andy, of the band the Unbelievable Truth. Yorke currently lives in central Oxford with his partner, Rachel Owen, a printmaker who holds a doctorate in art history, and their two children, Noah, born in 2001 (to whom the Radiohead album Amnesiac was dedicated) and Agnes, born 2004 (to whom Yorke dedicated The Eraser).

    His debut album, The Eraser, debuted July 10th 2006 in the UK and July 11th in the US. Two singles were released from the album, "Harrowdown Hill" and "Analyse".

    The song "Black Swan" was used as the end theme to the 2006 film adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel A Scanner Darkly and was also a successful hit on American alternative radio in the summer of 2006. "Analyse" was also used on the end credits of the film The Prestige. 2006 also saw the release of a Japan-only EP entitled Spitting Feathers, which collected together the five b-sides from the "Analyze" and "Harrowdown Hill" singles.

    A collection of remixes from The Eraser from such electronic luminaries as Burial, Four Tet, Modeselektor, Various Production and Surgeon were released as MP3 files initially in 2007, followed by a series of limited 12" in 2008. These were eventually released on CD as The Eraser Rmxs album.

    In 2009, Yorke contributed a new song, "Hearing Damage", to the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

    Thom Yorke is also heavily involved with Friends of the Earth and helped launch their Big Ask campaign. He also played a Big Ask benefit gig at the Koko club in London, England.

    As a child, Yorke underwent five surgical operations to correct a paralysed left eye he had had since birth. He has claimed that the last surgery was "botched," giving him his characteristic drooping eyelid.

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