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Thieves Like Us

electronic indie electro swedish electronica

    Thieves Like Us is a five-piece band based in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France. With a true charm, they developed a fresh, romantic aesthetic between a pop, funky, naïve universe à la Hot Chip and the German scene. As all parties seemed to be mainly soundtracked by and , they began to DJ, playing old Krautrock, , David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Factory Records stuff, and even new . Later on they discovered French and added this to their repertoire. Their first album titled "Play Music" was recorded in Berlin, London, New York City and Stockholm and released in 2008.

    After three albums and two EPs Thieves Like Us, despite being sonically and ethnically uncategorizable, have finally found the comforts of home on Captured Tracks. 2012 saw the addition of Martine Duverglas, Anna De Marco and Dani Imhoff and the multilingual bunch are gearing up the release of their fourth long player, Bleed Bleed Bleed.

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