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The Dream

The-Dream rnb psychedelic r&b hip hop

There is more than one artist with this name:

(Not to be confused with R&B singer The-Dream. If you are here because of that artist, please fix your tags.

1) Before they become the multi-platinum rock band Extreme, Gary Cherone and company were known as The Dream. They released one 6-song EP in 1983 under this name before being signed to a major label and changing names.

2) The Dream is a psychedelic band from Norway led by avant guitarist Terje Rypdal. GET DREAMY offers up ten tracks of the group's sonic adventurousness.

3)In 1968 the band Mother's Love changed its name to Dream. Dream released a single that same year titled The Doting King/Expert Jump Out. Dream played concerts with Pink Floyd. In the meantime it change drummers, newcomer is Karel Zwart. In 1969 another single is released, Rebellion / The monarchy, in the same year there is also a new bass player, Edgar Swanenburg. The band is invited to play at the Kralingen festival in 1970, and is invited to play at the first edition of Pinkpop. They also perform on tv, for over an hour in the program Dit is het begin, where they perform parts of the rock-opera The peacock and the rat. In 1971 saw the release of their third single Can you hear me howlin' / Still alive. In 1972 the band ends. Floris Kolvenbach starts the experimental formation Metal Voices. In 1994 he releases the album A journey from Europe to the common world. Kolvenbach currently works at a tv production company

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