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The Veer Union

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    The Veer Union was formed in late 2004 by vocalist Crispin and guitarist Eric. Originally from Port Alberni, BC, the two longtime friends surprisingly found themselves living as neighbors: "we knew each other previously because we had played in bands together. We were both living out of our rehearsal studios in downtown East Vancouver," recalls Crispin.

    At the time Crispin was the front man of Everything After, where creative differences led to his departure. Crispin was gaining attention as a songwriter with credits on Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee's solo CD Tommyland: The Ride. Eric, who had recently relocated back to Vancouver after a stint in Los Angeles with 40 Foot Echo (Hollywood Records), was working on projects of his own.

    After writing for months with such a positive attitude, it was time to find band-mates who shared their mindset. While recording the first batch of “TVU” songs Eric and Crispin were introduced to Roots and Fid through a mutual friend. The four musicians became close friends in these studio sessions before they had even picked up instruments to jam with one another. Roots and Fid had played in a band together prior to this, and after numerous North American tours had decided it was time to do their own “veering” away from an unpleasant situation and join Crispin and Eric.

    Finally the last piece of the puzzle was put into place when the band met drummer, Neil. As the youngest member of the group, Neil, was forced to learn the ways of this industry very quickly but this was something he was more than ready to strive for.

    After nearly two years of endless touring arcross the continent, the band signed a record deal with Universal/Motown Records out of New York City. The label had taken notice of the hard working group and it is now time to hit the studio to record the bands Major Label debut with producer Greg Archilla (Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Buckcherry).

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