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The Vamps

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    The Vamps is the name of more than one artist
    1) Pop band from Birmingham, UK
    2) A rock band from Crystal Lake, Illinois.
    3) A disco outfit from Brazil.
    4) An Australian female rock band from the 60's.

    1) The Vamps are an English pop band who formed in 2012. The band consists of Brad Simpson, (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), James McVey, (vocals/guitar), Connor Ball, (vocals/bass guitar), and Tristan Evans (vocals/drums). They signed to Mercury Records in late 2012 and have released three albums on the label (including 2017's number one "Night & Day"). The band built a fan base by supporting pop punk band McFly in early 2013 on their Memory Lane Tour. They have also been performing at several festival-style events around the UK as supporting acts for several different acts including The Wanted, JLS, Little Mix and Lawson.

    James McVey was managed by Joe O'Neill already in 2011 and wanted to form a band. McVey subsequently discovered Brad Simpson via YouTube. Simpson later became lead singer and together McVey and Simpson wrote songs towards the latter months of 2011. In 2012, Simpson and McVey met Tristan Evans through mutual friends. The trio then held auditions for a bassist, which eventually resulted in the recruitment of Connor Ball. In mid-2012 the band started uploading covers of other artists via their YouTube channel.

    2) American rock band The Vamps formed after the breakup of Frank and Spike’s old band, Society’s Anxiety. They only ever released one album, 1920, which contains much of their early work. The band officially broke up in 2007 after one last show at the Clearwater Theatre.

    3) Brazilian disco group The Vamps released the album “Disco Blood” in 1977 on Building Records.

    4) The Vamps were an Australian all-female rock band formed in April 1965 by guitarist Margaret Britt. Between 1965 and 1969 they toured extensively throught Oceania and Asia Pacific, including 6 months performing at military bases in Vietnam during 1967–1968. In 1969 the band went to the United States, and performed there until early 1975, when they returned to Australia. In 1977 the Vamps were renamed Peaches and played in Australasia and the Pacific until they disbanded in 1980. Founder of the band and lead guitarist Margaret Britt later joined Skyz the Limit.

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