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The Stars

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The Stars is a Japanese band (not to be confused with several other bands named Stars, without the article). It was formed around the year 2000, in Tokyo, by guitarist Michio Kurihara, (栗原ミチオ), vocalist You Ishihara, bassist Chiyo Kamekawa, and drummer Ken Ishihara, all ex-members of the band White Heaven. The band hasn't released any new material since 2005's critically acclaimed album Perfect Place to Hideaway.

Band members (as of 2005):
You Ishihara (vocals), ex-White Heaven
Michio Kurihara (栗原ミチオ) (guitars), ex-Ghost, ex-Ai Aso, ex-Boris, ex-White Heaven
Chiyo Kamekawa (bass), ex-White Heaven
Yasunobu Arakawa (drums)

Today EP (2001)
Will (2004)
Perfect Place to Hideaway (2005)

The Stars is also the name of a short-lived Australian rock band from Melbourne.

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