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The Sallyangie

folk psychedelic folk 60s female vocalists singer-songwriter

A short-lived 1960s British folk duo of Sally Oldfield (later to discover solo success with "Mirrors") and her teenage brother Michael, who as Mike Oldfield found fame as the composer/performer of Tubular Bells.

The duo's name is reputed to be an amalgamation of "Sally" (the female Oldfield's name) and "Angie", the name of a guitar instrumental written by Davey Graham and more commonly called Anji.

The duo recorded for Transatlantic Records, with the track 'Love in Ice Crystals' appearing on the Transatlantic sampler 'Listen Here!' early in 1968 to promote the album 'Children of the Sun' released later that year; there were also two singles: 'Two Ships' released in September 1969 and 'Child of Allah' which appeared in December 1972 - three years after the duo had split.

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