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The Rentals

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There are two bands charting as The Rentals:

1.) An American alternative rock band fronted by Matt Sharp, former bass player for Weezer. The Rentals have released three LPs, Return Of The Rentals (1995), Seven More Minutes (1999), and Lost in Alphaville (2014) and four EPs, The Last Little Life EP (2007), The Story of a Thousand Seasons Past (2009), It's Time to Come Home (2009), and The Future (2009). The 2009 EPs make up the musical end of the Songs About Time project, which also includes daily photos and weekly short films entitled Resilience (2011).

Band members on Return Of included Patrick Wilson (also of Weezer) on drums, Rod Cervera (guitar), Tom Grimley (moog), Petra Haden (violin, vocals), and Cherielynn Westrich (vocals, moog). Petra's triplet sister, Rachel Haden, appears as an additional vocalist. After Sharp left Weezer, Wilson's studio replacement on the drums was Kevin March and Mike Fletcher was the band's most frequent touring drummer. Maya Rudolph, of Saturday Night Live fame, also briefly toured with the band as a keyboardist. They are known for their quirky Moog-driven melodies. The single "Friends of P" off their first album was a modern rock radio hit, peaking at #7 on Billboard's Modern Rock Chart and #92 on the Billboard Hot 100. After touring for Seven More Minutes the band disbanded.

Yet on October 24, 2005, the tenth anniversary of the band's formation, Matt Sharp announced he was bringing back The Rentals after a six year absence. The new lineup includes founding member Rachel Haden on bass/vocals, Sara Radle on vocals/multiple instruments, Ben Pringle (from Nerf Herder and now Yearbook Pictures) on synths/multiple instruments, Lauren Chipman on viola/synth/vocals, and Dan Joeright on drums. Sharp stated on his website that "there are no current plans" for ex-Rental Cherielynn Westrich "to be involved in the future of The Rentals."

Sharp states: The essential elements of The Rentals will be there. Our fascination with vintage synthesizers, violas, violins, female harmonies and all the rest will continue. But, I'm guessing, we'll most likely veer off the path that would lead us into the realm of becoming our own tribute band.

2.) A late '70s Boston area Punk band featuring Jeff Hudson, Jane Hudson, and Pseudo Carol. As a trio, they released the songs "Gertrude Stein", "Low Rent", "New York", "I Got A Crush On You" and "Elephants".

In 1980, Jeff & Jane joined The MANHATTAN PROJECT, followed by the Electro-Punk act simply known as Jeff & Jane Hudson in 1981.

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