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The Pillows

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    There are 2 bands with this name:
    1. An alternative rock band from Japan
    2. An alternative rock band from Slovakia
    for the female duo from the United States, please see Pillows

    1. the pillows (ザ・ピロウズ) are an band from Hokkaidō, Japan, best known outside Japan for their contributions to the soundtrack of the anime series FLCL (Fooly Cooly).
    They consist of 山中さわお (Sawao Yamanaka) -vocals & guitar-, 真鍋吉明 (Yoshiaki Manabe) -guitar-, 佐藤シンイチロウ (Shinichiro Sato) -drums-.

    The band officially formed on September 16, 1989 as a four-man group. The fourth man and original bassist, 上田ケンジ (Kenji Ueda), left the band in 1992 to become a music producer and do solo work. Since then, 鹿島達也 (Tatsuya Kashima) and later 鈴木淳 (Jun Suzuki) have taken his place as supporting bassists. Neither Kashima nor Suzuki have been named official members out of respect for Ueda.

    The band name is intentionally left without any capitalization.

    Official website:

    2. An band The Pillows from High Tatras, Slovakia.

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