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The Other Ones

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There are several bands using this name:

1.) The Other Ones was a band that consisted mainly of Australians, but was founded in Berlin in 1983. Their first album The Other Ones was released by Virgin Records in 1986, and their song "Holiday" became a hit worldwide in the fall of 1987. The single "We Are What We Are" was a minor American hit. The videos for both songs are still in rotation on U.S. VH-1 Classic. Their second album Learning To Walk was also released by Virgin Records in 1988.

The band's line-up consisted of Alf Klimek (vocals, formerly singing in the Spliff Radioshow), Jayney Klimek (vocals), Johnny Klimek (bass), Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski (guitars), Stephan Gottwald (keyboards) and Uwe Hoffmann (drums).

Alf Klimek left the band in 1990 and returned to Melbourne, Australia. He owned his own studio, Birdland with producer Lindsay Gravina and worked in event musicals for a number of years until, in 1998 was asked by Klaus Baumgart to create a series of musical and audiobook productions for the successful "Laura's Star" series.

Johnny Klimek collaborated with the German filmmaker Tom Tykwer and fellow composer Reinhold Heil (former keyboarder of Spliff and the Nina Hagen Band) as Pale 3 on the soundtracks for Tykwer’s films Wintersleepers, The International, Run Lola Run and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. They also have composed music for the HBO television series Deadwood, John From Cincinnati and the motion picture One Hour Photo, starring Robin Williams. His credits also include Land of the Dead and One Missed Call.

Jayney Klimek was a co-lead singer in the Tony Banks solo project Bankstatement in 1989 and was a vocalist on his 1991 solo album Still. She and Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski founded the band You Pretty Thing in Berlin in 2006.

Uwe Hoffmann produced many albums of Die Ärzte and other musicians like Ulla Meinecke or Sportfreunde Stiller.


2.) The Other Ones was an American rock band formed 1998 in San Francisco for the Furthur Festival tour by former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, and Mickey Hart, along with sometime Grateful Dead collaborator Bruce Hornsby. In 2000, Bill Kreutzmann, another Grateful Dead alumnus, joined the group, while Lesh dropped out. In 2002, Phil Lesh rejoined the band, and Hornsby left.

At different times the shifting lineup of The Other Ones also included Mark Karan, Steve Kimock, John Molo, Dave Ellis, Alphonso Johnson, Jimmy Herring, Rob Barraco, Jeff Chimenti, and Susan Tedeschi. In 2003, The Other Ones changed their name to The Dead. The name "The Other Ones" refers to a song by the Grateful Dead called "That's it for the Other One."

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