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The Jet Set

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The Jet Set is a Polish r&b duo which consists of English-born David Junior Serame and Russian-born Sasha Strunin. The band represented Poland in the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki.

The Jet Set represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 after winning the national selection on February 3. They performed the song "Time to Party" in the semifinal of the competition on May 10 in Helsinki, Finland, finishing 14th of 28 entrants and failing to qualify for the final.

The Jet Set are also, from their myspace:
The Jet Set is a trash rockin', soul shakin', garage stompin' force to be reckoned with. 100% habit forming! We've come to testify, and if you ain't down, you'd best get out.

The band was born in the sweltering heat of 2003, bred and corn-fed by the Illinois delta in the rustbelt capitol of Peoria, IL. Armed with a duel guitar approach, these cats belted out numbers akin to the Pussy Galore/Oblivions sound. Joel, Adam, and Dallas played a wide variety of regional shows and even recorded a 10-song demo. But soon thereafter, Dallas left the band to pursue other musical endeavors. The band pressed on with a new member and a new sound. Mickey Weinbug jumped in to handle the organ duties and thus enabling the band reinvent itself. The organ sound opened up a new possiblity of songwritting for the jet set and they began whipping out some raunchy dance numbers touched only by the likes of The Lyres or The Hentchmen. 'We've Got The Dance Connection' was recorded in March of 2004 and was subsequently released by Springfield Missouri's only rawk n' roll label, Wee Rock Records. The CD-only press contained some of the grittiest/lo-fi trash this world has seen. Mickey was replaced by Trisha in the fall and they continued on their path of destruction. Trisha and The Jet Set lasted long enough to record the 'Let's Get Broken' 7" and play a handful of regional underground shows. She was gearing up to go back to school and the trio parted. This was a crucial time for the band. Joel and Adam decided to pack it all up and make a move to the beer capitol of Milwaukee, WI. Milwaukee native Collin Weber stepped up and manhandled the 88's. Trista from the fabulous Thee Fine Lines also hopped on board to man the bass, an instrument not yet implemented into the initial Jet Set sound. Unfortunately, this line-up was to be the shortest lived as the members had hard times clicking with one another. Also, around this time, the band left for it's longest tour to date which took them all over the south, midwest, and east coast. Feeling the exhaustion of a long hard tour made the trio settle down a bit upon returning home. This was to prove detrimental as the settling down turned into a inevitable break-up. A few hometown shows ensued, but nothing major was planned or carried out. Joel and Adam found themselves yet again in a two piece situation and decided that fate was too strong a force to battle. A ten song record was recorded during this time and a full length was thought to be released, but the lack of direction and motivation soon put all goals to sleep. No final shows were planned. No last practice. No last anything. The band simply faded out.

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