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The Field

electronic minimal minimal techno techno ambient

Multiple artists have released music under the name of The Field, the most widely known being Swedish minimal techno producer Axel Willner. Others include a British rock band and a Norwegian pop/jazz band.

1. Stockholm, Sweden
The Field (real name Axel Willner) has released four full-length albums on Kompakt since 2005, in addition to a handful of EPs, 12-inches, and remixes for many other artists. His unique blend of mesmerizing ambience and propulsive techno incorporates microsamples of pop songs from artists like The Four Tops, Lionel Richie, and Kate Bush.

2. Sheffield, England
The Field is "four boys, born and bred in the City of Steel, with a passion for music and a desire to perform," comprised of Adam (vocals), Russ (bass), Alex (guitar), and Benji (drums).

3. Baerum, Oslo, Norway
The Field is a Norwegian pop/jazz band consisting of Carl Frederik Kontny (guitar), Sigrid Z. Gundersen (vocals), and Jakob E. Myhre (piano), "three good friends who share the same idea of what music is all about."

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